Carbon Cylinder is an Italian innovative start-up that manufacture Type 4 cylinders, which are defined by the presence of an external composite layer and an internal liner in plastic material. This cutting-edge type of cylinder guarantees unprecedented lightness, high-performance and endurance.

In a world constantly looking for the best performance, Carbon Cylinder offers several solutions that will revolutionise and innovate the market of Type 4 cylinders and, above all, will be fully customisable according to the client’s needs.


All Carbon Cylinders Type 4 tanks are certified according to the world’s leading standards, in order to compete in different markets and supply the best quality worldwide.
For this reason, all Carbon Cylinder products are tested and certified according to ISO 11119-3 and UNI EN 12245 standards.

The advantages of Carbon Cylinder Type 4 pressure tanks


At equal capacity, Carbon Cylinder pressure tanks are the lightest Type 4 cylinders on the market, weighting about 30% less than Type 3 cylinders (composite cylinders with aluminium liner) and four times less than Type 1 cylinders (steel cylinders).


Carbon Cylinder pressure tanks are fully customisable according to the needs and preferences of the customer.

No oxidation

Oxidation is completely excluded thanks to the cutting-edge solution of using a plastic liner. Carbon Cylinder pressure tanks are also able to resist a wide range of corrosive agents such as sodium chloride, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and sodium hydroxide.

Less pollution & Eco-friendly

With equal size, the transport of Type 4 cylinders is much easier, faster and less polluting, thanks to their lightness.
Moreover, all the materials which the cylinders are made of, are entirely recyclable.
An academic study has highlighted a fundamental aspect: the environmental impact of Carbon Cylinder Type 4 pressure tanks is about three times lower than any other type of cylinder on the market. This makes Carbon Cylinder composite tanks completely environmentally-friendly.

Non-Limited Life (NLL) certified

Type 4 cylinders are the only ones able to obtain the “NON-LIMITED LIFE” (NLL) homologation, which certifies that their service life is not limited.
This means that, theoretically, the cylinders can be used as long as they pass the periodic re-test.

No storage waste

The first-in-the-world Carbon Cylinder pressure tanks with square and rectangular sections can significantly improve and optimise the logistic process, providing an increase of stored gas around 18%.
Therefore, thanks to their light weight, the higher working pressure and the unique shape, the transportable capacity for each single journey is doubled, halving the kilometres needed to meet the needs of the user.

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With equal size, Type 4 cylinders can store gas at a pressure of over 310 bar instead of the 200 bar of a traditional cylinder, thus ensuring a greater amount of contained gas.

Logistics optimisation

The fact that the Type 4 cylinders of Carbon Cylinder are so light compared to the average products offered by the market, means that especially for large formats there will be a great positive impact on transport, both physical and road wise.

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