Lightweight Gas Cylinders by Carbon Cylinder

The evolution of the industrial sector

Carbon Cylinder is an innovative company that produces Type 4 lightweight gas cylinders characterised by the presence of an external layer of composite material and an inner liner made of plastic, which guarantee lightness, as well as unprecedented versatility and performance.
Efficiency and adaptability to different applications are essential for success in the modern industry and this how Carbon Cylinder plans to revolutionise and innovate the market with their line of products.

Lightness and versatility

Lightweight gas cylinders represent a significant advancement in industrial equipment. Their purpose is to be extremely lightweight without compromising safety or durability.
This lightness provides a significant advantage, both in terms of transportation and on-site handling, allowing companies to be more agile and flexible in their operations.
Moreover, the internal plastic liner provides a long-lasting gas purity since oxidation becomes a phenomenon not to be worried about anymore. This is a key factor today in industrial applications, since more and more sophisticated machines, ask for purer and purer gases.

Lightweight gas cylinders: different gases, different applications

The cylinders manufactured by Carbon cylinders are available for a variety of gases, including:
– hydrogen
breathing air
– technical gases (Argon, Helium, CO2, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, etc.)

With this variety of proposals, companies can address a variety of industrial applications: in research laboratories, in food industry and for welding and cutting metals.
And these are just a few of the many possible applications.

Saving energy and the environment

The lightness of Carbon Cylinder tanks not only improves operations efficiency, but also reduces energy consumption. By reducing weight, the energy required for transport and handling is reduced, which in turn reduces the overall environmental impact of industrial operations.

Carbon Cylinder has taken a significant step forward in industrial innovation with their lightweight gas cylinders.
If you want to improve the efficiency, flexibility and sustainability of your industrial operations, get in touch with Carbon Cylinder and discover their range of lightweight gas cylinders.
Become a part of those successful companies which are already using this cutting-edge technology to achieve exceptional results.


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