Carbon Cylinder vision is to develop and improve the design of Type 4 cylinders, presenting itself on the market as a leader in the manufacturing of different sizes of composite cylinders, for the most various applications: whether it is breathing air, scuba diving, automotive or industry, Carbon Cylinder is always able to provide a solution, also thanks to its eclectic team and to a state-of-the-art facility.

Thanks to the patents deposited by Carbon Cylinder, the developed products offer a feature never seen before: a different and unprecedented shape, now not only cylindrical.
This will make Carbon Cylinder composite cylinders the first and only in the whole world with a square or rectangular section.

Carbon Cylinder is involved in four main markets


Carbon Cylinder supply Type 4 cylinders for firefighting applications to Fire Brigades all over the world, offering lightness and ductility, as well as a much longer working life than the previous types of pressure tanks.


Carbon Cylinder Type 4 composite tanks are selected by technical divers (diving instructors, specialized divers, industrial applications) who require lightweight products that can be easily handled outside water.


The automotive industry, to reduce CO2 emissions, is increasingly oriented towards the use of hydrogen as a new energy source, but the physical limits of the most common pressure tanks (weight and pressure) affect the development and use on a large scale.


The Type 4 cylinders of Carbon Cylinder are suitable for various industrial applications. Through its production process and advanced technologies, Carbon Cylinder offers lighter Type 4 pressure tanks with a higher content of stored gas compared to a fully metallic cylinder.

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