Standards for compressed gas cylinder

All Carbon Cylinder products are certified according to ISO 11119-3 and UNI EN 12245 standards

Nowadays, safety and regulatory compliance are key priorities and that is Carbon Cylinder focuses on manufacturing and supplying products of the highest certified quality.
Our compressed gas cylinders undergo rigorous testing to ensure full compliance with ISO 11119-3 and UNI EN 12245 standards.

Strict regulations for the safety of compressed gases

In order to meet the highest safety and quality standards, compressed gas cylinder manufacturers must adhere to the ISO 11119-3 and UNI EN 12245 standards.
Carbon Cylinder is committed to offering products that comply with these regulations.

Certified tests for each product

A series of regulatory-compliant tests is conducted on every Carbon Cylinder product.
The tests certify that the cylinders meet the strength, durability, and safety standards required by international regulations.

Benefits of regulatory compliance

Maximum safety: compliance with current regulations ensures that Carbon Cylinder cylinders are designed to provide maximum safety during use, minimising any possible risk for the operators.

Reliability: every composite cylinder that passes the tests required by ISO 11119-3 and UNI EN 12245 standards can be safely considered as a reliable product.
Our customers can rely on consistent performance and uncompromising quality.

Global acceptance: Compliance with international regulations facilitates international trade, allowing Carbon Cylinder products to be accepted worldwide without safety complications.

Choosing Carbon Cylinder products means relying on compressed gas cylinders that exceed safety and quality standards requirements. Customer safety is our top priority and we are committed to complying with ISO 11119-3 and UNI EN 12245 standards.
Choose certified safety, choose Carbon Cylinder.


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