Type 4 cylinders optimise the use of argon

Innovative Type 4 cylinders by Carbon Cylinder

Carbon Cylinder, a leading company in Type 4 cylinder manufacturing, is revolutionising the market with its innovative technology.

Characterised by an internal plastic liner and an external composite layer, Type 4 cylinders represent the very essence of innovation.
Not only does this cutting-edge design guarantee exceptional lightness, but it also guarantees superior performance and unparalleled duration of the service life.

Customisable solutions

In a market which is looking more and more for solutions that maximise performance, Carbon Cylinder offers a variety of fully customisable solutions. This flexibility allows to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Breathing air, diving, industrial, and automotive are just some of the industries that benefit from the use of Carbon Cylinder Type 4 cylinders.
However, these cylinders’ exceptional versatility also makes them suitable for more specialised applications, such as transporting and storing argon.


Argon is essential in many industries, especially when it comes to welding and protection during machining processes.
Carbon Cylinder composite cylinders are an excellent solution to meet the transportation and storage needs of this gas.

Type 4 cylinders are stronger and safer because of the combination of a high-quality plastic inner liner and a composite structure.
The combination of these features, along with their lightness and handling, ensures efficient transport and safe handling of argon and other gases.

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