The advantages of Type 4 cylinders

The impact on the environment

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, it is clear that the use of a plastic liner is more advantageous, compared to the aluminium liner used in current cylinders (Type 3) and/ or compared to the classic cylinders made of steel or aluminium (Type 1).

Studies and results

The advantageous results regarding the use of Type 4 cylinders are added to the fact that they have an unlimited work life, according to EN 12245, as opposed to type 3 cylinders made of aluminium (with a work life of 20 or 30 years) and steel cylinders (subject to oxidative/corrosive phenomena with consequent loss of performance) with an estimated work life of 20 years.

Lightness and logistics optimization

Being much lighter, especially in terms of larger sizes of tanks, (for large sizes, 1/3 of the weight of those in steel and almost equally for those in aluminium), will have a very large impact on transport, both physical and on road, with notable consequences also from the point of view of pollution.

In summary: the savings of almost 50% of the tons of CO2 equivalent per year per single trip, will allow to halve pollution.

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