Storage of helium in Type 4 cylinders


In the world of industry and research, the success of operations is dependent on the storage and transport of gases.

Among the essential gases, helium occupies a prominent position.
It is in fact widely used for a wide range of applications, ranging from refrigeration in scientific experiments, and in some air mixtures for diving.

Type 4 cylinders by Carbon Cylinder

To ensure its integrity and safety during operations, it is crucial to choose the right cylinders for its storage and transport.
Carbon Cylinder Type 4 cylinders are the perfect solution, providing an optimal balance of efficiency, safety, and superior performance.
Carbon Cylinder Type 4 cylinders are the result of years of research and development in compressed gas technology, and their advanced design stands out against traditional cylinders.

The design

Thanks to their internal plastic liner and an external composite layer, these cylinders offer an unmatched protection.

The inner liner is essential in maintaining the purity of gases (like helium) and preventing unwanted losses during transport and storage.

In addition, the lightness and strength of Type 4 cylinders make transport and handling easier than with traditional cylinders.

The efficiency of Type 4 cylinders

Increasing the efficiency of operations is not the only benefit; it also decreases the risk of workplace accidents, which ensures a safer working environment for operators.
The ability to adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions while maintaining optimal performance even in the most extreme situations, makes Carbon Cylinder Type 4 cylinders the perfect choice for professionals and researchers who require high reliability in helium transport and storage.


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