Cutting-Edge Type 4 Carbon Fiber Cylinders

The relentless pursuit of innovative solutions has led to the rapid development of carbon fiber cylinders and in this field, Carbon Cylinder stands out as an innovator in the field of composite pressure tanks. Founded in 2020 by Giovanni and Giacomo Artusi, experts with years of experience in the composite cylinder industry at Composite Technical Systems (CTS), Carbon Cylinder has emerged as a cutting-edge start-up in the Type 4 cylinders industry. In this article, we will explore how Carbon Cylinder has revolutionised the concept of carbon fibre cylinders, offering unparalleled lightness, adaptability and performance.

The beginning of an entrepreneurial journey

The story of Carbon Cylinder has a strong foundation and a passion for innovation. Founded by Giovanni and Giacomo Artusi, both with extensive experience in the composite cylinder field, the start-up is the culmination of their determination to perfect a product that is recognised worldwide for its reliability. Carbon Cylinder is an ambitious and forward-thinking entrepreneurial venture in the industry, inspired by the vision to create Type 4 cylinders that deliver superior performance.

The potential of type 4 cylinders

Carbon Cylinder technology is based on a groundbreaking idea: an internal liner made of plastic protected by a composite layer. This unique combination gives Type 4 cylinders an unparalleled balance of lightness, adaptability and performance. Thanks to this innovation, Carbon Cylinder has unlocked the full potential of carbon fibre pressure tanks, redefining the traditional features of pressure vessels.

Excellence protected by patents

To ensure the superiority of their products, Carbon Cylinder developed several patents related to both design and manufacturing processes. This approach has led to a new characteristic: a shape different from the cylindrical one, entirely new if compared to the current pressure vessels in the market. This unique design translates to enhanced performance and greater resource efficiency.

Carbon Cylinder has quickly established itself as one of the most innovative companies in the Type 4 cylinder sector. Founded on years of experience and a passion for innovation, the start-up has revolutionised the concept of Type 4 cylinders, offering a cutting-edge product with unparalleled lightness, adaptability and performance. Thanks to the developed patents and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Carbon Cylinder is set to leave a permanent mark in the Type 4 pressure vessels market, redefining industry standards.


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